Are you unhappy about your kids being exposed to alcohol advertising?

If alcohol advertising doesn't belong during cartoons, why is it okay during live sport? Live sport broadcasts are among the highest rating shows for young Australians.

Join our call for no booze ads before 8.30 pm. No exceptions.

How you can help

We are asking parenting bloggers to get behind our campaign and call on Free TV to close the loophole that allows alcohol ads to air during live sport.

Here are just some of our suggestions for ways you can get involved. Of course please feel free to pick what's right for you, your blog and your audience.

  1. Post the infographic and share the facts on your social media channels along with a link to our adShame video. Please use the hashtag #adShame on Facebook and Twitter so we can promote your support. We will be monitoring the hashtag on an ongoing basis, so we can give you feedback, updates and comments as the campaign progresses.

  2. Write a blog about why you are concerned about the alcohol advertising to children. As a parent, how do you feel about your kids watching alcohol ads during live sport? Do you worry about how exposure to alcohol advertisements will influence them? Do you think that alcohol and sports are inextricably linked in Australian culture? Share your views to your readers and encourage them to watch the adShame video.

  3. Contact Free TV and tell them to close the loophole allowing alcohol ads in live sport.