Ad: Bacardi tram stop

The problem with outdoor advertising:

Community attitude surveys consistently show strong support for the restriction of alcohol advertising from times and in places where it is likely to reach a significant number of children and young people. 

Many entertainment venues are off limits to under 18s, or unaffordable meaning young people are high users of public spaces. They're also major users of public transport. But there are no limitations on alcohol advertising in these public areas, and alcohol advertising is prevalent in places that have a high proportion of children and young people, for example, shopping centres, train stations, and tram stops.

A 2011 inquiry into the Regulation of Billboard and Outdoor Advertising by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs noted that the while the Outdoor Media Association's alcohol advertising guidelines "are a step in the right direction...when the loopholes are taken into account, the initiative seems to be little more than a token gesture. A more significant and responsible action would be to limit alcohol advertising in the outdoor medium, given its inevitable exposure to children." [‘Reclaiming public space: Inquiry into the regulation of billboard and outdoor advertising' 2011]

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