Ad: Stubbies

Advertisements for alcohol beverages must not encourage excessive consumption or abuse of alcohol....or challenge or dare people to drink or sample a particular alcohol beverage...[ABAC Code 2013] 

Where it appeared:
When aired, the advertisement included the following product promotions:

  • Corona Stubbies 24 pack $49.99 and Vodka Cruiser 4 packs
  • El Loco Stubbies 24 pack $39.99 and Jack Daniels & Cola 4 pack, 2 for $35
  • Wild Turkey, American Honey, 700ml, $37.99, Tooheys Extra Dry, 375 ml, 24 pack $36.99

The community said:

In Stubbies, two men are faced with the prospect of having to use all the stubby holders, encouraging excessive consumption of alcohol, in breach of section a) of the ABAC. The delivery of hundreds of 'Stubbies', together with the reactions of the actors in the advertisement, also constitutes a dare to drink alcohol, in breach of section e) of the ABAC.

The AARB said:

The advertisement contravened section (4)(b)(ii) of the Content Code, as the Panel believed the advertisement implied a very large quantity of alcohol through the depiction of hundreds of stubby holders. A Panel member noted that the advertisement suggests that to deal with the situation of having hundreds of empty stubby holders, the men "better get to Bottlemart" to buy alcohol products to drink from the stubby holders, and implies the use of alcohol in proportion to the number of stubby holders, of which there are hundreds. Another Panel member noted that the advertisement implies the two young men intend to consume sufficient alcohol to ‘use up' all the stubby holders, and there is no indication that other people will join the pair.

The ABAC said: 

The Panel does not believe the advertisement breaches the ABAC in respect of the promotion of excessive consumption. Clearly the scenario depicted is highly fanciful and would not be taken literally by viewers. The Panel does not believe a reasonable viewer would take the advertisement as promoting excessive consumption, but rather it would be seen as suggesting the retailer is a supplier of various and varied types and styles of beer. 

The Panel does not believe that a reasonable person would see the unexpected delivery of hundreds of stubby holders and the amusement shown by one of the characters at receiving them as a challenge or dare to drink a stubby of beer. Simply showing multiple stubby holders does not, without any other statement or visual cue, lead to the conclusion that the man is being dared or challenged to consume alcohol. 

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