Bundaberg Rum

Advertisements for alcohol beverages must not have a strong or evident appeal to children or adolescents...ABAC Code 2013 

Bundy Bear

Where it appears:
Regularly on promotional materials for Bundaberg Rum.

The community said:
"The use of the polar bear character has evident appeal to children. Often children's stories and television programs feature animal characters e.g. Humphrey Bear, and the 'Bundy' character might attract children as a result." ABAC determination 20 April 2006

Survey data shows Bundy Bear has evident appeal to children/youth. Results show children 9–12 and 13–15 correctly related the Bundy Bear character with the alcohol product.

Survey data also showed children associated Bundy Bear with positive attributes such as friendly, funny, good to have at a party, laid back, adventurous, really cool, good sense of humour.

What the ABAC said:
Bundy Bear appearance now less familiar to younger children's characters. Computer games have wide community appeal. A computer generated character is not automatically to be assumed to be particularly appealing to children or adolescents, although it may well be depending on the context in which the character is placed.

What the advertiser said:
"Bundy bear is not similar to popular children's characters and his character is never associated or seen with anyone under 25 years of age, let alone children. The character has been used with the product since 1961." ABAC determination 20 April 2006

The ‘Bundy Bear' character has wide appeal with children and young people, and research shows that children recognise the Bundy Bear.

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