Domino's and Jim Beam

"Advertisements for alcohol beverages must not have a strong or evident appeal to children or adolescents..." [ABAC Code 2013]

Product name: Domino's Pizza with Jim Beam sauce

Description of the advertisement:
Television advertisement for Dominos 8 meats pizza with Jim Beam BBQ sauce.

Television and online. 

What the community said:
It is a clear breach of the ABAC Code to use an alcohol brand to promote food (pizza) which is popular among young people, alongside a promotion to win an X-Box 360 computer game system, which has strong appeal to children.

What the advertiser said:
Children and adolescents are not the natural target audience for takeaway pizza. The X-Box 360 appeals universally, but most of all to men in their twenties.  Advertising the Domino's Pizza with Jim Beam sauce on TV during the movie ‘Jurassic Park' is not clear evidence of a strategy appealing to children.

What the adjudicators said:
The complaint is dismissed because while pizza is a popular food amongst children and adolescents, the audience of the ad and target market for Dominos pizza is reasonably broad-based, but with a particular focus on males in their 20s and 30s. Further, the broadcast of the ad with "Jurassic Park" is an issue of placement and is not directly relevant to the ABAC standard, and the X-Box promotion was internet based and not a feature of the TV ad.


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