Jim Beam

"Advertisements for alcohol beverages must not have a strong or evident appeal to children or adolescents..." ABAC Code 2013

Ad: Jim Beam Potato Chips

Where it appeared: Product packaging.

The community said:
"The use of the Jim Beam logo on potato chips is the equivalent of grooming children for hard drinking and consumption of spirits, an activity which is all too destructive in the cohort of university students today and a cause of strongly antisocial and drunken behaviour...Such advertising familiarizes children with and encourages imaginings about adult life and play around drinking alcohol."

What the ABAC Panel said:
Complaint dismissed: The essence of the complaint is not about an alcohol beverage advertisement as such, as there is no "ad" involved in the complaint in the form of a television commercial or a radio ad or a magazine advertisement....[t]he ABAC goes to how products are advertised and not to whether there should be a product of a particular type at all. The essence of the complaint is a concern about the sale of the potato chip product at all, rather than a concern about the way in which it is particularly marketed... the complaint falls outside the intended scope of the ABAC and, as a result, the complaint needs to be dismissed.

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