Bacchus Shot Bucket

Advertisements for alcohol beverages must not have a strong or evident appeal to children...[ABAC Code 2013] 

Ad: Bacchus Shot Bucket 

Where it appeared: Product packaging.

What the ABAC said:

ABAC upheld the complaint: "the depiction on the label of the shots that look similar to multi-coloured icecream or yoghurt based desserts or drinks that would have strong or evident appeal to children or adolescents; and the names of the individual shots on both the label and the foil lids of the shots that describe foods and concepts that have strong appeal to children or adolescents, namely Pancake, Choc Éclair, Choc Banana Split, Cowboy and Cowgirl."


Although the ABAC eventually upheld the complaint in relation to the Shot Bucket, the decision was handed down (13 February 2012) over two months after the initial complaint (9 December 2011).

The ABAC system can only react to complaints about advertising, and is unable to prevent promotions like the Shot Bucket from reaching the market. Moreover, the length of time between a complaint and a determination favours alcohol advertisers.

Ads are permitted to run until determination by the Panel, so the penalty of requiring an ads to be discontinued or modified has little or no deterrent effect, because the advertisement has generally run its cycle. There is little incentive for advertisers to comply with advertising standards, and much to be gained from creating a controversial advertisement.

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how much this bucket shot can i be the one to take this drink to sale in laos market

I would like to oder 2 party shot buckets how do I do that

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