Skinny Blonde Beer

Advertisements for alcohol beverages must not suggest that the consumption or presence of alcohol beverages may create or contribute to a significant change in mood or environment and, must not depict the consumption or presence of alcohol beverages as a cause of or contributing to the achievement of personal, business, social, sporting, sexual or other success. [ABAC Code 2013]

Skinny Blonde beer

Where it appeared:
Product Labelling and Online

The product label features a 1950's style picture of a woman wearing a red bikini. As the beer warms up, the woman's bikini disappears and she is seen topless.

The product website includes the text "...girl on a label that tells you your beer is too warm ... Skinny loves it in a nice cold fridge, but once you drink her down, she cant help but get her clothes off".

The community said:
These advertisements inappropriately links the consumption of alcohol with the removal of a woman's clothing and suggests that alcohol should be associated with women who are prepared to take their clothes off for the entertainment of men. It gives an impression that the removal of a woman's clothing in a drinking context is a joke.

What the adjudicators said:
The advertising breached the ABAC by encouraging an irresponsible approach to alcohol consumption; and offensive behavior.

Skinny Blonde advertising and promotional materials were the subject of nine complaints in 2009 and 2010. Read about what the ABAC described as a ‘clear attempt by the Advertisers to circumvent the previous decision by the Panel' and ‘ongoing failure to comply' here 

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