Allen's Lollies

This television ad for Allen's Lollies depicts a giant puppet doll walking in the street and holding an oversized bag of Allen's lollies. The doll blows lolly-shaped bubbles over the crowd, which burst, showering the crowd in lollies. A child is shown eating one of the lollies. The song This old man is sung and the final shot shows the text "Allen's makes smiles."

Where it appeared:
On television in 2010.

The community said:
The ad breaches the relevant advertising code because it is directed at children, appealing to their sense of fantasy and imagination through childish songs and images, and promotes products very high in sugar, which do not represent a healthy dietary choice 

What the advertiser said:
The advertisement was created for its adult audience, to appeal to their sense of nostalgia and trigger happy memories of good times being kids.

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
"On balance, the Board considered that the visuals, language and theme of this advertisement create an overall impact of this advertisement that is not specifically directed or designed to be clearly directly primarily appealing to children."

OPC discussion:
The ASB dismissed the complaint.  

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This was a wonderful, imaginative ad showing a marvellous feat of engineering moving this larger than life doll through the streets of Brisbane. Can’t believe anyone would object to this example of imagination simply because today’s parents won’t learn to say no to their kids.

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