Chicken Treat

The ad is for Chicken Treat fast food restaurants' chicken meal product. It featured an animated chicken and contains fun music and a voice-over saying "Introducing a deal so good you won't believe your eyes. Double take!"   

Where it appeared:
The advertisement appeared on television Perth in November and December 2010.

The community said:
The ad breaches advertising codes because it is directed primarily to children. It uses an animated chicken and was broadcast during programs that are very popular among children and watched by a significant number of children including Junior Masterchef, Modern Family and Glee.  

What the advertiser said:
"Chicken Treat does not, has not in the past, nor does it have plans to directly target the children's market in the future."

"Chicken Treat introduced the iconic 'Chicken Character' in 1998. Since that time the animated chicken has been used consistently across all marketing communications developed by the brand." 

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The ASB considered the language and tone of the advertisement, as well as the meals advertised, were clearly not directed at children. 

OPC discussion:
No action was taken by the ASB in relation to his advertisement, it was found not to breach any relevant codes restricting advertising of unhealthy foods to children.

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