Chips Ahoy

The advertisement features four animated Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies driving a red car down an ocean road, being plucked from the car one by one by a giant hand, while a pop song plays.

Where it appeared:
On television in April 2011, in several capital cities.

The community said:
Chips Ahoy are not a healthy dietary choice, being very high in fat and sugar, and should not be marketed during programs directed primarily at children or watched by large numbers of children.

What the advertiser said:
It is an advertisement directed to adults that does not air during programming directed primarily to children or viewed predominantly by children.

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The Board agreed that the advertisement would be attractive to children because of the animated nature of the advertisement and the images of biscuits, but considered that it was not "primarily directed" to children under 12.

OPC discussion:
Finding that the advertisement did not breach the relevant food standards regulations, the Board dismissed the complaint.  

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