Chupa Chups

The Chupa Chups “Life Less Serious” website promoted an online competition to win a rollercoaster theme park holiday. To enter the competition, a code from a Chupa Chup stick must be entered into the online form or included in an SMS.  The website featured animation and an app that features a roller coaster game.

Where it appeared:
Online in 2012.

The community said:
The website and app breached advertising codes because they are directed primarily to children and promote Chupa Chup lollies, which are not a healthy food choice and children. The competition and game exploit children looking to progress in the game, because more codes must be obtained from Chupa Chups to progress. This promotes excessive consumption of Chupa Chups.

What the advertiser said:
The Website is not an "Advertising or Marketing Communication" as defined in regulatory codes.

“…Chupa Chups products are enjoyed by consumers of all ages. It is not primarily a children’s product. ….”

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
Although the ASB considered that parts of the website were directed primarily to children, and considered that Chupa Chups are a product with strong appeal to children 14 and under, it found that Chupa Chups are a product with broad appeal and would not be considered by the broad community as a product of primary appeal to children.

OPC/APC discussion:
No action was taken by the ASB in relation to his advertisement, it was found not to breach any relevant codes restricting advertising of unhealthy foods to children. 

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