This print advertisement for Coca-Cola shows Australian actress Kerry Armstrong reading a magazine within the shape of a Coca Cola bottle. The text heading reads "Kerry Armstrong on Motherhood and Myth-busting", followed by text stating including "Packed with Caffeine? Pack of lies" and "makes you fat? Fat chance."

Where it appeared: In print advertisements in 2008.

The community said:
The claims in the advertisement are entirely misleading and are likely to create the impression among consumers that Coke does not contribute to weight gain, is not detrimental to dental health and does not contain significant amounts of caffeine.

What the advertiser said:
"All information in the advertorial is true and is therefore not misleading and does not breach of the code of ethics."

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
"The Board considered that most members of the community are becoming aware that good dental hygiene practice recommends teeth cleaning after consumption of soft drinks and that this component of the advertisement stresses the importance of good dental hygiene. The Board considered that this aspect of the advertisement was not misleading." 

OPC discussion:
Subsequent to the ASB's dismissal of this complaint, the Obesity Policy Coalition complained to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (‘ACCC') that the advertisement was misleading and deceptive in breach of the Trade Practices Act.  The ACCC upheld the complaint, and extracted court-enforceable undertakings from Coca-Cola to remove the advertisement and to publish corrections.

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