Donut King Ice Age 3

The Donut King website Ice Age 3 promotion featured a picture of four toys and and image of two characters from the Ice Age 3 movie with one of the characters holding an iced donut. There is also an image of the fruit freeze drink. The site read: "For only $4.95 you will receive a DELICIOUS CAKE DONUT, A NEW MINI FRUIT FREEZE AND A FREE WIND UP ICE-AGE TOY!"

Where it appeared:
Online in 2010, at

The community said:
The majority of the advertisement features characters for the purpose of promoting free toys. The ad breaches the relevant code by promoting a new toy each week, which creates pressure for children to pester parents to take them to Donut King each week.

What the advertiser said:
We believe that the vast majority of visitors in the above categories are aged over 14 ... (although) there is a "kids corner"... We urge the ASB to dismiss the Complaint.

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
Finding that the website breached the relevant code for communications directed at children, the Board upheld the complaint.

OPC discussion:
At the time the complaint was upheld, the period of the promotion was over and the ad was no longer being shown.

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