Hog's Breath

The Hog's Breath Café TV advertisement featured a young girl holding an animated love heart with the Hog's Breath Cafe logo on it, followed by a montage of colourful text, including words such as "love", "life", "know", "child", "dance", "laugh", "believe". The food shown in the advertisement includes fries and ice creams. 

Where it appeared:
The advertisement was broadcast in 2011 during a range of children's programs, including Totally Wild, Saturday Disney, SpongeBob SquarePants, Pokemon and Handy Manny.

The community said:
The advertisement features fun themes which attract children's interest and promote unhealthy food choices directly to them. The placement of this advertisement during children's programs breaches prevailing community standards about the broadcast of unhealthy food advertising during children's programming.

What the advertiser said:
"Our intention is to deliver a 'High Five styled' fun, catchy, music and dance routine as a fun statement. The TVC is full of colour, dance, fun and movement".

"In no way is it our intention to deliberately mislead the public or to promote unhealthy eating to children".

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The Hog's Breath Cafe is not a signatory to the relevant advertising codes therefore the standards in relation to children's advertising do not apply.

Advertising food available at a restaurant is not, per se, inconsistent with or undermining of a balanced diet or healthy lifestyles.

OPC discussion:
The Board dismissed the complaint.

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