Kellogg's LCMs

The advertisement features two school children in the school yard, throwing food to seagulls. One of the boys takes an LCMs bar out of his lunchbox, nudges the boy next to him, throws a piece into the air, causing other children in the playground to stop what they are doing, dropping basketballs, to charge towards the LCMs. They jump over each other, screaming and flying into the air to grab it. The boy that threw the piece of LCMs bar into the air is then pictured enjoying the remainder of his bar.

Where it appeared:
On television in 2012.

The community said:
The advertisement breaches the relevant advertising standards because it is directed primarily to children and promotes a product that is not a healthy dietary choice. The product is very high in sugar. The use of 'selective claims' to highlight positive nutrients to market products to children is of particular concern.    

What the advertiser said:
"Kellogg strongly contends that the advertisement itself is not directed primarily to children but to adult main grocery buyers."

"The advertisement does not make any nutrition benefit claims in relation to the product. Claims that the product contain no artificial colours and flavours and are made with puffed rice are ingredient claims. As such, they do not amount to claims ...  about the nutrition profile of the product but are factual representations as to certain ingredients."

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The Board agreed that the advertisement would be attractive to children because of the playground setting but overall considered that the advertisement is not primarily directed to children under 12.

OPC discussion:
The complaint was dismissed and the advertiser was not required to take any action in relation to the advertisement. 

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