Kellogg's LCMs

This TV advertisement for Kellogg's LCM cereal bars depicted a child eating an LCM bar in a school yard and an imaginary animated sequence where another student transforms into an animated dinosaur as the child reads an "exciting fact" about dinosaurs from the LCM packaging.

Where it appeared:
On television in 2013.

The community said:
The ad is unethical as it promotes a product containing 30% sugar by weight to children using animation, fantasy, adventure and animal themes.

What the advertiser said:
"...the LCM bars, are depicted in the closing frames next to a packed lunchbox, which is ... indicative that this advertisement is aimed at those persons responsible for preparing school lunches, being more often than not, the MGB of a household."

The advertiser also argued that the use of fantasy themes was not determinative of appeal to children, because fantasy is common in adult directed media, for example, the R-rated show "Game of Thrones" is "clearly in the fantasy genre."  

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The Board considered that in the current advertisement the language as well as the theme and visuals are clearly directed primarily to children under 12. The complaint was upheld.

OPC discussion:
The advertiser removed the ad following the decision.

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