Kellogg's LCM Split Stix

This television ad for LCM cereal bar "split stix" featured an animated pigeon and a child in school uniform throwing a paper aeroplane around a school yard while enjoying an LCM bar containing 30% sugar.

Where it appeared:
On television in 2013.

The community said:
The advertisement breches the relevant code because it uses themes of whimsy and a school yard and animated paper plane game to promote a product to chidren that is not a healthy choice.

What the advertiser said:
"Paper aeroplanes are old fashioned and appeal to MGBs' memories of what school was like rather than being representative of the entertainment options available to school children today." 

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The Board dismissed the complaint. It considered that the advertisement was aimed at the grocery buyer. This advertisement was likely to be attractive to children but that it is not clearly directed primarily to children under 12.

OPC discussion:
No action was required from the advertiser and the ad continued to air.

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