Kellogg's LCMs Golden Joys

This advertisement for LCMs Golden Joys bars is filmed from the viewpoint of a child's lunchbox.  Happy, excited children's faces say "wow!" and "awesome" as they open their lunchbox.  As a girl eats a Golden Joy product, other children gather around her, jealously.

Where it appeared:
On television in October and November 2012.

The community said:
The advertisement breaches the relevant advertising standards because it is directed primarily to children and promotes a product that is not a healthy dietary choice. The product is very high in sugar, and it is irresponsible to market such foods to children.

What the advertiser said:
The advertisement is not directed to children, but to parents who wish to provide a treat.

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
Although the Board agreed the advertisement would be attractive to children, it considered that the depiction of a lunch box containing other items indicated that the primary audience was parents or those responsible for buying groceries and/or preparing lunch boxes for children to take to school.

OPC discussion:
The complaint was dismissed and the advertiser was not required to take any action in relation to the advertisement. 

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