McDonald's Cartoon Network

This advertisement promoted the availability of Cartoon Network Toys at McDonald's.  It depicted an animated monkey jumping around in front of a mirror with a voice over stating, "Did you know that a monkey can hold stuff with his tail but he can't recognise his own reflection or that inside your Happy Meal is a mix and match Cartoon Network Container featuring one of your favourite characters!?". McDonald's food products and toys are then depicted.

Where it appeared:
On television, September and October 2009

The community said:
The advertisement breaches the Australian Quick Service Restaurant Industry Initiative for Responsible Marketing to Children (QSRI) by promoting food and beverage products to children, which do not meet nutrition criteria for assessing children's meals. The animated advertisement promotes fun toys to collect that are based upon characters from the dedicated children's channel, Cartoon Network. The colours used in the advertisement are fun bright colours that would attract children, fun colourful lettering is also used in the word "Happy Meal".

What the advertiser said:
In the 15 second "Stuff to Know" advertisement, the monkey is the main feature (the food is in the background) and the toys appear for only three seconds. In any event, the advertisement complied with the relevant code (QSRI).

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The Board considered that for children, particularly younger children, the actions of the monkey are the primary focus of the advertisement. Once the monkey departs the scene, the focus of the advertisement is the voiceover talking about toys and the appearance of the toys. The advertisement did not represent the advertised product in a way that could be clearly understood by children. Therefore the advertisement breached section 2.2(c)(i) of the Advertising Code to Children.

OPC discussion:
In response to the decision, the advertiser noted "I confirm that the television commercial 'Stuff To Know – Cartoon Network' was no longer being shown at the time the complaint was dealt with, and we have no plans to air it again as that particular promotion has ended."

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