McDonald's It's A Knockout

The television game show It's a Knockout featured teams of fifteen contestants competing in challenges.  One of the teams was "team Maccas", who wore McDonald's branded clothing and hats, with parts of the stadium decorated in McDonald's colours. 

Where it appeared:
On television in November 2011.

The community said:
It's a Knockout is a program mainly directed to children. It features exciting games and themes, with contestants dressed up as fun animals and characters. McDonald's branding forms part of the show itself, and it is unethical to promote unhealthy products to children, particularly in circumstances where the product and program content is not clearly distinguishable.

What the advertiser said:
The program was not mainly directed to children.

What the Australian Communications and Media Authority said:
Although children may like the program, it was not "mainly directed to children." The McDonalds branding in It's a Knockout did not amount to a breach of the relevant advertising Code.  

OPC discussion:
The complaint was not upheld.

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