The advertisement for Oreo cookies features two primary-school aged boys sitting in a schoolyard, about to twist and pull apart an Oreo. Each boy nominates the girl the other boy will have to marry if he gets the non-cream side of the Oreo. The Oreo divides evenly and the boys high-five each other and exclaim, "Both sides?...bachelors!" A pretty girl then comes over to pick up a ball, and one of the boys says, "Twist again?"

Where it appeared:
On television during June and July 2010

The community said:
The advertisement breaches relevant advertising standards because it promotes Oreos directly to children when they are extremely high in sugar and fat and are therefore not a healthy snack choice for children in line with the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia.

What the advertiser said:
Even though the ad features children and takes place in a school setting, it is directed primarily at parents / grocery buyers.

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
Overall the Board considered that, although the advertisement will be seen by children, it is not directed to children and is not a product that is targeted to and of principal appeal to children.

OPC discussion:
Review of the decision was sought following the initial decision, because the advertiser continued to broadcast the advertisement during children's programs.  Following this further information coming to light, the Board reconsidered its decision and found the complaint was upheld.  The advertiser responded that it would cease to show the advertisement. 

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