Paddle Pops Begins

This advertisement for Streets Paddle Pops ice-creams features fun children's themes, animation and a voiceover, which states "The Streets Paddle Pop adventure begins with new ‘Bubble Gum Berry Lava' with a gooey berry sauce tip, and delicious new ‘Choc-orange Hero or Villain'. Which one will you get? Try one from your local convenience store today!"

Where it appeared:
On television during October 2011

The community said:
The advertisement breaches relevant advertising standards because it markets Paddle Pops to children, which are very high in sugar and do not represent healthy dietary choices consistent with Australian government standards. Further, the ad was aired during shows aimed at children, including Junior Masterchef – Disneyland, Home Alone and Home Alone II.

What the advertiser said:
"Whilst the Home Alone series of movies were generally considered to be of appeal to children, we note that both of these movies have been classified ... as PG, parental guidance recommended for persons aged under 15 years. Both of these movies contain violent themes which are not suitable for children under 12 years to watch whilst unsupervised. ... we do not believe it is reasonable to impose the rules of the RCMI on advertisements shown during a movie for which parental guidance is recommended and which in fact depicts violent scenes and overconsumption of ice cream by a child."

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
In the Board's view the overall theme and content of the advertisement creates an advertisement which is clearly direct primarily to children. As the advertisement did not promote a healthy lifestyle, it was in breach of relevant advertising standards. 

OPC discussion:
The complaint was upheld. The advertiser provided a written response to the decision, noting it disagreed with the Board's determination. The advertiser sought review by an independent reviewer, who upheld the Board's decision. The advertisement was not shown again following the determination.     

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