7-Eleven Slurpee

This campaign page on 7-Eleven's Slurpee and associated Facebook page encouraged young people to visit a 7-Eleven store on 21 September 2011 for "Bring your own cup day – You bring the cup, We'll fill it up". Consumers were encouraged to bring a container to 7-Eleven and fill it with Slurpee for $2.60. The website showed large containers, such as a blender, filled with Slurpee. 

Where it appeared:
Online in September 2011.

The community said:
The advertisements breach relevant advertising codes as they encourage young people to consume excess quantities of Slurpee, which is very high in sugar. One 600g cup of raspberry flavoured Slurpee contains the equivalent of approximately 17 teaspoons of sugar. A larger container bought in by a consumer on "Bring your own cup day" could easily hold over 1 litre of Slurpee, equivalent to approximately 28 teaspoons of sugar.

What the advertiser said:
"The Promotion was hugely popular and was taken in great spirit by 7-Eleven's many happy customers, with a great number of them taking to social media with photographs illustrating the fun of the day."

"The size of vessels was entirely up to consumers to determine, without any degree of implied or express encouragement one way or the other ... Of course, some promotional material provided examples of ideas for vessels, but these were indicative only (some clearly light-hearted and tongue in cheek)".

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The Board noted that the advertisement was encouraging consumers to bring their own cup on the day and agreed that this was likely to be a cup larger than usually provided for this product. However, the Board noted that the advertiser had placed rules and restrictions about the size of cup and number of fills per cup.

The Board considered the advertisement did not encourage excess consumption and therefore did not breach the relevant code.

OPC discussion:
The board dismissed the complaint and the advertiser was not required to take any action.  

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