KFC Qld Cricket Junior Sign-On

This advertisement for the KFC Queensland Cricket Junior Sign-On shows a game of cricket played by children and adults, and a long table laden with buckets of KFC chicken pieces, chicken nuggets, coleslaw, dinner rolls, and chips.  Ian Healey speaks with children about signing up with a cricket club, before the add concludes with the Colonel Sanders logo, KFC 'So Good' trademark and the website address thegoodification.com.

Where it appeared:
On television in 2012.

The community said:
The advertisement promotes the KFC brand and products, which do not represent healthy food choices, directly to children.  It is irresponsible for KFC to advertise its food and beverage products to children, including through the sponsorship of children's sport.  

What the advertiser said:
The advertisement is not subject to the relevant advertising standards because, although KFC features in the advertisement, it was created and funded by Queensland Cricket, to whom the relevant standards to do not apply.

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The Board advised it was not able to consider the complaint.

OPC discussion:
No action was able to be taken in relation to the ad because the voluntary codes of conduct did not apply. 

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