Nestlé Milo Cereal

This television advertisement for Nestlé Milo Cereal promoted the Hey Gilly Desktop Coach CD-ROM free with purchase of specially marked boxes. It featured Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist talking to a teenage boy about the CD and a voice-over states "Milo Cereal is crunchy, tasty and bursting with energy..."

Where it appeared:
On television in October 2006.

The community said:
The advertisement breaches the relevant standards and code because it is directed primarily to children, and because it primarily promotes a free CD Rom ('premium') rather than Milo Cereal, the product being advertised.

What the advertiser said:
The advertisement would not be likely to mislead a child into thinking the main product was other than Milo Cereal. The ad complies with advertising standards.

What the Australian Communications and Media Authority said:
The advertiser breached the conditions of its broadcasting licence by failing to comply with the Children's Television Standards.

OPC discussion:
The decision was handed down in July 2008, more than a year after it was lodged. 

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