Kellog's Nutri-Grain

This television advertisement for Kellogg's Nutri-Grain depicts boy on a farm energetically running, playing, and eating Nutri-Grain, then growing up into a muscular young man.  A voice-over says "Nutri-Grain is one of the highest protein cereals, so as part of a balanced diet and regular exercise, Nutri-Grain has what it takes to help build your son into an iron man".

Where it appeared:
On television in 2012.

The community said:
The ad is misleading and deceptive and breaches community standards, creating the overall impression that Nutri-Grain is healthy and beneficial to the active lifestyle of children and young people, whereas it is in fact high in sugar and salt and does not represent a healthy choice.

What the advertiser said:
Nutri-Grain is an extremely well known product having been marketed as an energy food, and associated with iron man and surf life-saving, since the 1980s. Given the sweet taste of the product it should be obvious to consumers that the product contains added sugar.

What the Advertising Standards Board said:
The Board considered that a reasonable consumer would not see that the advertisement is creating the 'impression of healthiness' just that the product can be consumed by active children as part of a balanced diet.

OPC discussion:
The board dismissed the complaint. No action was required of the advertiser and the advertisement, and other similar advertisements, continued to run on television and online.  

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